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Updated: Sales before price hike in December!

My Local post office annonced that there will be a price hike in december so I hope to set a sales post before that happens!

My sales permission is here
My feedback is here
Items are reasonably negotiable
I ship from Singapore, shipping is around $5-7 for pokedolls (does not include $2.50 for tracking, will automatically add)

2007 Glaceon and Leafeon Pokedolls MWT (Red star)

Glameow Pokedoll MWT (Red star)

Dialga Pokedoll MWT (Red star), As usual leather is cracked due to age

Chikorita 10th Anniversary Pokedoll MWT

Totodile 10th Anniversary Pokedoll MWT

Lapras Pokedoll TTO

Meowth Tomy Pocket Monsters 1999 Plush, NearMint/MWT, Super rare
Poliwril Tomy Pocket Monsters 1999 Plush, NearMint/MWT, Super rare
Togepi Tomy Pocket Monsters 1999 Plush, NearMint/MWT, Super rare

Joycam, Pokemon Pikachu, Polaroid, Used, Not sure if its working, Super rare
Comes with original pouch and instruction sheets
*up for auction, unsure of pricing, starts at $30, shipping will be $15 worldwide*

More Sales Part 2 - Featured Items: Dragonite Bath Buddy and DX Vinyl Figure

Everything in this cut is OBO

Dragonite BathBuddy - $80 OBO
Pokemon Run Medal Singapore, $50 OBO

Kecleon, Larvitar, Azumaril, Togepi, Pikachu Movie Badge Set - $30

Poppilo Cup + Plush - New Year Bag 2017, Small bump at box corner, but does not affect plush/cup
$70 - OBO

Catepie Banpresto, MWT $22
Meowstic Retractable Pouch, No Hang Tag $20
Magikarp Pikachu, MWT $28
Luvdic, TTO, $12
Leafeon Tomy, MWT $18
*Rotom TTO, $20
Bonsly Pokedoll MWT (hangtag is not mint), $25
Eeveelution Prize C Kuji Bag, $25
Charizard 2009, Used Tush Partially Faded, $30
Ambipom, TTO, Small Stains, $30
Riolu Shimmery, MWT $30
*Hangtag is detached and I may still have it

Dakrai Lottery Figure $125 (Sold for $150+ and $120, so I hope this is priced okay)

Ho-oh Banpresto, Used, (String loose on feet)
Lugia Banpresto, Used, All tags
Both set for $55, Split $32
Meowth Team Rocket Balloon Cushion Plush

Porygon DX, MWT, $50
Pumkapoo Banpresto (Largest size, larger than the team rocket DX), MWT, $50
Rockruff Banpresto, MWT, $27
*Shiny Tapukoko, TTO, $45
Raichu Banpresto, MWT, $27

*Hangtag is detached and I may still have it

Pokemon DX Figure Vinyl Figure

*Generally all used condition*

Charizard (wingless) - $5
Psyduck - $7 ,
Dragonite, defected, one Antenna broken + minor scruffs, please ask for pics- $80 OBO
Blastoise (Cannon out) - $12, Blastoise (Cannon in) - $10 (i think they are both piggy-banks!)

Jigglypuff - $7
Charmander (larger) - $5, Charmander (smaller) - $5
Squirtle - $5
Bulbasaur/Sandslash free with $5 purchase

Pikachu (normal) - $3, Pikachu (derp) - $3
Eevee (Better condition), Eevee (Slightly scruffed) - $6

15th Anniversary Pikachu Box
(Sealed, but box dented at the back, does not affect card condition)

Free with any purchase >$5 (may add slighty to shipping)

Sold: Phanpy, Munchlax

The Cut below is my Old Sales for the larger items. I will be going to the US in Aug 2020 next year so if you are willing to wait (rather than pay for higher mailing) you can check the cut out!

Special note: For US buyers that are waiting to Aug 2020, I will be mailing via USPS. I should be able to mail out 1st/2nd week of Aug.

Featured Items
illie 1:1 Vulpix, Pokepark Pichu Bro's Train Set,  Pikachu Easter Cushion 2017, PokeMomo Snorlax

Shinx Shimmery Plush, TTO, Small Stains, $35
Tepig Shimmery Plush, TTO, Small Stains, $20
FinalFantasy Chocobo, MWT, $25
Turning Electronic Pikachu, (Turns towards sound) Still works, $20
Primplup, TTO, $28
Kokorin Eevee, $20
Pikachu Ditto Sleeping Bag, $20
(Old gen) Big Pikachu Banpresto, $17

Turning Sound Electronic Pikachu, Better Condition, $25

PokePark Pichu Bros Train Track Set
but I broke the train while taking it out (refer to bottom right pic) :(
All items intact, Wynaut's head has abit of the coating off, $40 OBO

PokeMomo Snorlax
Used but clean TTO - $200 (PO price when it first release was $150, hesitant to lower too much)

Pikachu Easter Cushion 2017, TTO, - $80 OBO
1:1 Lillie's Vulpix (Mint with Box Base and all tags), x2pcs - $150 each
3D Tumbler bottle, 1999 : Meowth (Team Rocket), Poliwhirl, Bulbasaur - $20 each

*Magnemite Kuji Prize A - $25
*Lapras Kokorin, MWT- $25
*Promo: (or $15 each with any purchase > $20)

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