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Going to the US Summer Sales!

~~Closed as I have left for the US. You may still inquire for regular international shipping. But I can only mail after the 3rd June for any future orders.~~

Hi Guys! I would be going on a holiday to the US in Mid May!
I'd like to take this oppourtinity to sell off the rarer bulkier/heavier/fragile items that I've been holding back on!
I'd be bringing the items that I've purchased from Japan to the US in my luggage so I can score better mailing prices!

Items include: illie 1:1 Vulpix, Pokepark Pichu Bro's Train Set,  Pikachu Easter Cushion 2017, Dragonite Bath Buddy and DX Vinyl Figure, PokeMomo Snorlax

Sales Permission here
Special note: For US buyers I will be mailing from LA/LV on the 14/15th May via USPS.
For international buyers
, I should be able to mail right before I leave on 12th May.

Feel free to reasonably negotiate! And if I'm pricing some items way off, please let me know!

Catepie Banpresto, MWT $22
Meowstic Retractable Pouch, No Hang Tag $20
Magikarp Pikachu, MWT $28
Luvdic, TTO, $12
Leafeon Tomy, MWT $18
*Rotom TTO, $20
Bonsly Pokedoll MWT (hangtag is not mint), $25
Eeveelution Prize C Kuji Bag, $25

Charizard 2009, Used Tush Partially Faded, $30
Ambipom, TTO, Small Stains, $30
Riolu Shimmery, MWT $30

*Hangtag is detached and I may still have it

Dakrai Lottery Figure $125 (Sold for $150+ and $120, so I hope this is priced okay)

Ho-oh Banpresto, Used, (String loose on feet)
Lugia Banpresto, Used, All tags
Both set for $55, Split $32
Meowth Team Rocket Balloon Cushion Plush

Porygon DX, MWT, $50
Pumkapoo Banpresto (Largest size, larger than the team rocket DX), MWT, $50
Rockruff Banpresto, MWT, $27
*Shiny Tapukoko, TTO, $45
Raichu Banpresto, MWT, $27

*Hangtag is detached and I may still have it

Shinx Shimmery Plush, TTO, Small Stains, $35
Tepig Shimmery Plush, TTO, Small Stains, $20
FinalFantasy Chocobo, MWT, $25
Turning Electronic Pikachu, (Turns towards sound) Still works, $25
Primplup, TTO, $28
Kokorin Eevee, $20
Pikachu Ditto Sleeping Bag, $20
(Old gen) Big Pikachu Banpresto, $17

Darakuma Floor Mat Cushion, 2014 New Year Promo, MWT, $200 OBO (Reserved)

Turning Sound Electronic Pikachu, Better Condition, $30

PokePark Pichu Bros Train Track Set
but I broke the train while taking it out (refer to bottom right pic) :(
All items intact, Wynaut's head has abit of the coating off, $40 OBO

PokeMomo Snorlax
Good Condition, TTO - $200 (PO price for it was $150)

Pokemon Happy Meal Toys, Presume all in used condition
Everything is $2 Except Ball Launcher
Ball Launcher - Maril, Groudon X2, Lugia, Entei, Blaziken X2 (Buy 2 and get a ball launcher) - $3
Or 1 item free with >$20 purchase. (may add to shipping)
Sold: Munchlax

Dragonite BathBuddy - $80 OBO
Pokemon Run Medal Singapore, $50 OBO

Kecleon, Larvitar, Azumaril, Togepi, Pikachu Movie Badge Set - $30

Poppilo Cup + Plush - New Year Bag 2017, Small bump at box corner, but does not affect plush/cup
Not my photo but can provide one 2 days before the flight (Stuck at school hostel now and forgot to take a photo of it earlier)
$70 - OBO

Pikachu Easter Cushion 2017, TTO, - $80 OBO

1:1 Lillie's Vulpix (Mint with Box Base and all tags), Update: 2pcs left - $150

3D Tumbler bottle, 1999 : Meowth (Team Rocket), Poliwhirl , Bulbasaur - $20 each

Magnemite Kuji Prize - $35
Lapras Kokorin, MWT- $25

(Taking it down for this sales post)

Pokemon DX Figure Vinyl Figure

Charizard (wingless) - $5
Psyduck - $7 ,
Dragonite- $120 OBO
Blastoise (Cannon out) - $12, Blastoise (Cannon in) - $10

Jigglypuff - $7
Charmander (larger) - $5, Charmander (smaller) - $5
Squirtle - $5
Bulbasaur/Sandslash free with $10 purchase

Pikachu (normal) - $3, Pikachu (derp) - $3
Eevee (Better condition), Eevee (Slightly scruffed) - $6

(Note: Misplace it somewhere at home, I'll try to find it before the trip else I'll sell it another time)
15th Anniversary Pikachu Box
(Sealed, but box dented at the back, does not affect card condition)

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